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Escalation: One of our first serious YouTube videos, this was originally uploaded to my “Random Access” channel, and then re-uploaded to “Shattered Scripts” after a bit of trimming. It’s a basic short, and completely unscripted. Graham actually came up with this video as a Mexican standoff with humorous dialogue, and when we got down into the woods we changed everything. The Addict: Another “Random Access” … Continue reading More Videos

Behind the Scenes: Agoraphobia

Five people, three weeks of preparation, and two days of filming led to “Agoraphobia”. This short didn’t require much technological or physical requirements, but it did require a lot of lines. As I face the unbeatable curse of the artist, the end result is not exactly how I envisioned it. There are moments of silence between lines. But it will be helpful in preparation for … Continue reading Behind the Scenes: Agoraphobia

Behind the Scenes: Backwards Fight Scene

Things look cool when they break in reverse. But the biggest draw to attempt this short was the challenge of telling a story backwards without giving away everything too quickly. Thus we have “ekatsim ehT”, which alongside achieving that goal also gives me my first realistically fast-paced fight scene. The entire video is not in reverse, a decision I made when I wrote the new … Continue reading Behind the Scenes: Backwards Fight Scene

Behind the Scenes: Short Cuts

“They say you shouldn’t put too many quick cuts in your videos.” It’s generally a good rule in filmmaking, and so we took that premise and flipped it around. The end result is “Short Cuts”, a fast-paced and over-the-top short which had numerous obstacles barring its completion before we even started to film. The goal was for each cut to be less than two seconds … Continue reading Behind the Scenes: Short Cuts