More Videos

Escalation: One of our first serious YouTube videos, this was originally uploaded to my “Random Access” channel, and then re-uploaded to “Shattered Scripts” after a bit of trimming. It’s a basic short, and completely unscripted. Graham actually came up with this video as a Mexican standoff with humorous dialogue, and when we got down into the woods we changed everything. The Addict: Another “Random Access” … Continue reading More Videos

Behind the Scenes: Agoraphobia

Five people, three weeks of preparation, and two days of filming led to “Agoraphobia”. This short didn’t require much technological or physical requirements, but it did require a lot of lines. As I face the unbeatable curse of the artist, the end result is not exactly how I envisioned it. There are moments of silence between lines. But it will be helpful in preparation for … Continue reading Behind the Scenes: Agoraphobia

Filming a Conversation

For many videos and other stories, dialogue is central to telling the story. An alternate aspect entirely from visual storytelling, conversations require words to expand the story. Throughout most videos there is a continuous need for conversations, but this post will focus mostly on those key scenes with intense dialogue. The tools discussed here can also be used for any other place where characters talk … Continue reading Filming a Conversation

Filming a Fight Scene

Fight scenes are the highlights of action films, and often stand out as memorable moments even within videos of other genres. Good fight scenes are focused and fast-paced, keeping the viewers on full alert beyond what less intense scenes can achieve. These scenes contain quality pacing paired with well-executed action, a skilled camera operator, and realistic effects. Pacing Sometimes overlooked when developing fight scenes, pacing … Continue reading Filming a Fight Scene


Acting is an art, and a difficult one to master. Good actors are able to fully embrace their roles, placing themselves completely in the mindsets of their characters. This goes beyond memorizing a few lines and acting out specific gestures. There are multiple ways to approach acting which appeal to different actors depending upon their experience and the specific role. None are specifically right or … Continue reading Acting

Behind the Scenes: Backwards Fight Scene

Things look cool when they break in reverse. But the biggest draw to attempt this short was the challenge of telling a story backwards without giving away everything too quickly. Thus we have “ekatsim ehT”, which alongside achieving that goal also gives me my first realistically fast-paced fight scene. The entire video is not in reverse, a decision I made when I wrote the new … Continue reading Behind the Scenes: Backwards Fight Scene

Focusing the Story

Much like telling stories through written words, the art of telling stories through film has a very flexible range. Although the direction of the project in question can shape the complexity, there is a generally accepted scale of intricacy associated with the length of the project. With short videos, we typically tackle clean scripts with straightforward stories. With feature-length films, we can branch off into … Continue reading Focusing the Story

Preparation Time

Ideally we look to approach film projects gradually, and with enough time beforehand to plan a large majority of the details involved. Note that I didn’t say all of the details involved. And it’s right there that this process gets a little tricky: what is the right amount of planning? The Stages of Planning Like so many of the other posts that I’ve written, I … Continue reading Preparation Time