More Videos


One of our first serious YouTube videos, this was originally uploaded to my “Random Access” channel, and then re-uploaded to “Shattered Scripts” after a bit of trimming. It’s a basic short, and completely unscripted. Graham actually came up with this video as a Mexican standoff with humorous dialogue, and when we got down into the woods we changed everything.

The Addict:

Another “Random Access” original, this video didn’t have so much of a script as just a pile of story boards. I started to visualize this strange style of filming while I was in the shower one day, and then immediately had to get out and start drawing. The initial idea was to have every camera angle be part of an object in the video, or at least attached to some kind of movement. It’s an idea that I haven’t entirely given up on as an updated video sometime in the future.

The Band:

This one was one of first four ideas for YouTube, and was actually one of the first videos we filmed when we started doing weekly shorts. However, we had to wait to upload it until Zachary turned 18 a few months later because of his character’s drug usage in the short. We didn’t have any actual drugs, but we did have weird parental rules. All of the dialogue was improvised.


This ended up being a last-ditch attempt to upload a weekly video for “Random Access”, which turned out a lot funnier than we were expecting. It was actually the last video for the “Random Access” channel before we switched to “Shattered Scripts”.

Bad Commercial:

We tend to refer to this one as “Box”. Originally, Zachary didn’t know that Graham and Aidan were in the box when I brought him over to film. They were incredibly uncomfortable, and had to stay sitting like that for about thirty minutes while we did retakes.

Christmas Tree Song:

There’s an old VHS tape where I am four years old and spinning around, ‘singing’ a brilliant song that consists of the words “Christmas Tree, Christmas Tree, Christmas Tree” over and over again. So we decided of course to extend this brilliant performance into an entire song. We wrote down all the lyrics while on a beach trip, which is of course where we filmed part of the music video. I can actually sing pretty well, which makes this video all the more ironic.

There are many more videos that have been made public again on those two channels. You can find playlists on the 32 Cuts YouTube page as well, including my so-far unmentioned animated videos, such as Choco-Coffee…


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